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About Me:

Allison is a creative strategist and Social Media Growth Connoisseur, who has mastered the art of impactful storytelling by identifying her target audience.

She has grown her personal Tiktok from 2,000 to 55,000 followers in just three months.

Each post, video, and campaign she creates is more than content; it's a conversation with the community, and a chance to convert curiosity into loyalty. Allison is a proud representative of the over - 40 community!

She knows how to instantly capture the attention of a target audience with authentic narratives that resonate and drive conversion, and will leave your audience captivated, engaged, and wanting more.

Previous Clients

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Client Testimonials

"Allison was an absolute joy to work with. She delivered on time, as promised, and exceeded expectations! She provided fun and engaging content that was not only informative but eye-catching yet natural. She kept us in the loop the entire way through. Communication was effortless and deadlines were met ahead of schedule. Great job Allison"

"Allison not only saved the day on my last minute request which was unique and rather complex, but she did an amazing job with a ton of heart! THREE THUMBS UP!"

"Excellent work! Video production is highly professional, and completed it very quickly. I wholeheartedly recommend"

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Pricing and ​Bundles

One Video Package

1x UGC Video

2x Additional Hooks

90 Days Usage Rights

Total: $200

Three Video Package

3x UGC Video

2x Additional Hooks Per Video

90 Days Usage Rights

30 Days Whitelisting

Total: $500

Five Video Package

5x UGC Video

2x Additional Hooks Per Video

90 Days Usage Rights

60 Days Whitelisting

Total: $900

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Springfield, MO